Raspberry Pi VAX Cluster: Cutting out the fluff?

Well money matters have not worked out as planned so my grand plan for a Raspberry Pi VAX cluster is being rethought.

This exercise has been good for making it better bang-for-the-buck and also cutting out some of the crap I won’t have the time to do.

I am okay with paying for another Raspberry Pi (because, well, they hardly cost anything) but right now I am having to rethink. A lot of the hardware planned will not make the RetroChallenge project. I still have an Intel Atom board, will have 2 Raspberry Pi Boards and have the USB powered hub for power and connectivity to the Pis. I have a nice-looking Mini-ITX case that may well become the new enclosure. The internal LAN with routing will no longer be included because I have a lot of learn and do and won’t be able to afford the switch to mount inside for that. Also the Atom board I have that I will have to use for the project only has one ethernet port The finished item will just have an exposed LAN port for each board (3 in total) that you can plumb in to a switch.

The current Plan is revised now to:

  • A Storage, Database and File Server (Intel)
  • A DEC Notes Server (Raspberry Pi)
  • A workstation node (non-voting) (Raspberry Pi)

I also have something else retro and nice in the pipeline but I can’t talk about it right now until I can confirm if it’s is viable.

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