[DECtec] Calling All VAXELN Programmers

John Wallace johnwallace4 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 22 14:24:26 GMT 2016

Hi Rob, all,

Is it just the availability of a (scanned?) PDF that's driving the suggestion of the dinosaur-era V2 docs?

For those that don't mind Bookreader format, there are VAXELN docs on the relevant VAX/VMS Consolidated Documentation CDs and thus in the various places around the world that have them available online. Rob's already noted that a couple of VAXELN manuals are available online at sysworks (VAXELN and a whole load of other stuff too, in fact).

The Introduction to VAXELN V4.3 is an excellent intro to one of the later versions of VAXELN, dating from 1991. It's at
and quite possibly elsewhere as well.

By that time, VAXELN had expanded beyond the world of its own dedicated EPASCAL language and own dedicated EDEBUG debugger, and was able to use some other VAX languages and the mainstream VMS V4+ debugger.

Obviously for practicality you'll need a Bookreader tool, either the one included with a suitable DEC OS, or one of the others such as the one for MS Windows, whose name I forget, or MGBOOK, or...

It'd be nice if there were PDF versions around, but there weren't any in wide circulation that I'm aware of. Is Bookreader better than nothing?

Have a lot of fun,
John Wallace

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