[DECtec] Problem Installing Ultrix on DECstation 2100 (MIPS)

Jarratt RMA robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 17 20:49:05 GMT 2014

I was going down the route of running the System Management option and then
editing the install.1 script, but I didn't get that far before the weekend
ended and I ran out of time. When I left it I was at the point of hard
coding the selected disk to override the use of the finder program which
crashes the machine with an error about block size. After hard coding the
disk selection it seemed to be failing making the file system (again
seemingly referencing the CD-ROM drive in the error message). I may get a
bit more time on Saturday to try a bit more, but then I will be away from
my collection for a while and won't be able to try again for a while....

If there is a way to install from VAX, or over the network from a VAX, I
would love to hear it.



On 17 December 2014 at 19:40, Cory Smelosky <b4 at gewt.net> wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Dec 2014, Robert Jarratt wrote:
>  Now that I have a bootable CD-ROM I am encountering a different problem
>> that
>> I am struggling to surmount.
>> After choosing the type of installation (basic or advanced) it tries to
>> offer the system disk selection. However, it keeps failing because it is
>> detecting the CD-ROM drive and saying it has an invalid block size. I can
>> hear it spin up the hard disk that I want to install on, so it should be
>> finding a suitable hard disk, but it looks like it keeps choking on the
>> CD-ROM drive. I can't tell if it is failing to see the hard disk properly,
>> but when I tried NetBSD on the same disk, and in the same machine, it is
>> fine.
> I'm having the same problem on a 5000/125 (with busted FPU).
> *grumble*
> Can RISC be installed from VAX?
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