How To: Disassembly of a StorageWorks BA-356 SBB Drive Caddy

The good news is… I did mange to get this out yesterday, which is a video showing how to dismantle a StorageWorks BA-356 drive caddy. Just in case you never worked it out…

The video is also available via the How To Guides section.

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2 Responses to How To: Disassembly of a StorageWorks BA-356 SBB Drive Caddy

  1. Mark Wickens says:

    Great video Mark, you make it look easy! I would second your comment about being careful during reassembly – I’ve managed to break one of the two thin lugs off that hold the rear connector in place and once that’s broken I don’t think you could trust glue to hold it on as the lugs are what takes the force of the connector disengaging. I have visions of pulling a caddy and leaving half the gubbins behind in the enclosure!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks, yeah, that one had been apart twice already (I was practicing :) ) so the clips weren’t too stiff. The first time you crack a warranty sealed one open it can be a proper pig to open, the clips are really stiff but you also can’t push too hard or you could potentially break them off!

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