Final Thoughts for RetroChallange 2012

Wow, this has been quite a ride for my first RetroChallenge.

With the VAXcluster SimH project, I took on a project that had a lot of unknowns and a lot of things I didn’t know the next thing about. I feel like I’ve succeeded in a t least learning the things I set out to learn. Alas the cluster unit is not finished and I haven’t ticked all the boxes on the list. however I have the necessary knowledge to finish it and will do so, keep an eye out here for the results later on this blog and via Twitter. Had

My friend and I’s effort to restore the AlphaServer 4100 didn’t quite go as well, sadly, it refused to work and we don’t know why. We’ll take another look at it sometime. It might work one day.

I’m afraid I haven’t documented it as well as I wanted, but truth be told I’ve spent a lot of the time I should have been writing it up actually doing it so I don’t feel like I’ve copped out too much. I have tweeted quite a few things on the @DECtecInfo Twitter account too, so I have been documenting it in short bursts (including some of my abject frustrations).

I will definitely be back with more RetroChallenge goodness next time, hopefully I’ll pick something slightly less.

I’d like to thank:

The RetroChallenge 2012 team
Mark Wickens (@urbancamo)
Stephen Hoffman (@HoffmanLabs )
The Denizens of the Deathrow #vms IRC channel
The members of the HECnet and DECtec mailing lists
HP for continuing to provide docs and support for Hobbyists using OpenVMS
Anyone else I missed out…

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