AlphaServer 4100: Where next?

Right. I’ve stopped moping about the 4100, I’m going to kick ass and take names and see if I can cure it’s ills. With the machine down to 1 PSU potentially, it’ll only run with 2 CPUs. That means pulling two out, even though non seem to be suspect according to the diagnostic lights it hasn’t got the guts to run all 4 on one PSU. Dad (electronics wizard extraordinaire) has agreed to take a look at the PSU that went pop. If we can’t fix it then a refurb is gonna cost close to £100, so we need to prove the machine first. Here’s hoping the second PSU holds up!

I have 2 sets of diagnostic procedure from the Service Manual and User Guides to look through to see if I can narrow the fault down. More later…

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  1. Mark Wickens says:


    Typically the capacitors which blow are mains filtering capacitors and these are fairly easy to source and are inexpensive. Be comforted to know that they have a finite life and one would have blown regardless. Next time, if you want to be cautious, you can check the casings of the capacitors for obvious cracks which might indicate they are breaking down. Most of the time, however, you don’t notice until the magic smoke has gone. Good news is that generally once replaced the PSU can be brought successfully back to life.


    • Mark says:

      Thanks, Mark. That’s pretty good to know and the location of the ooze from the PSU suggests it is a mains filter that’s blown out (it came out right next to the mains plug). Will know more when we get the PSU out.

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