AlphaServer 4100: Photo Tour – DEC StorageWorks BA-356 Storage Shelf

What a mouthful of a name. What the bloody hell does all that mean? The Unit is a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) StorageWorks (name of the product line) Storage Shelf. Basically it’s a SCSI box. The model number (BA-356) is one of the last in the BA-35x line of storage units built using DEC’s Storage building Blocks (SBB) units. Each BA35x contains:

  • At lease 1 (optionally 2) Power Supply
  • 1 Interface module. There were many different types
  • Various SCSI drives including:
    • Hard Disk SBBs (single width)
    • TZ-series SCSI tape drives (3-units wide)
    • Dual 5.25″ bay unit with RRD5x series CD-ROM or Tape Drive
  • Dual rear-mounted air blower units

The BA-356 is very easy to service. As you can see in my previous post wit ha video describing how to strip down a Hard Drive SBB, the SBBs are also easy to service. Below are some photos taken as I stripped and inspected one of the two units that came in the AS4100.

IMG_3703IMG_3701IMG_3704IMG_3705 - Version 2IMG_3706 - Version 2IMG_3707 - Version 2
IMG_3725IMG_3720IMG_3722IMG_3723IMG_3726IMG_3727 - Version 2
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