AlphaServer 4100: No dice

I replaced the PSUs in the AlphaServer 4100 yesterday and… they work but the machine still isn’t starting up. Nothing on the LCD panel, nothing on the terminal port.

I’ve swapped CPUs around, run it with 1, run it with 2, yanked all but 2 boards of RAM… I am at a loss really what I need to do next. I am starting to think either the system board or the PCI backplane system is bad. Either that or the PSUs are just not working right under load or something. The plethora of diagnostic LEDs shows no fault that I can see and so isn’t helping me diagnose it.

I don’t know the ‘Rawhide’ series Alphas nearly well enough, evidently, so I am now looking for outside help. I’d hate to have to write this machine off but it’s looking pretty grim.

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2 Responses to AlphaServer 4100: No dice

  1. Dan Snyder says:

    The 4100’s have a few microswitches that normally prevent operating the machine with certain covers off. Check the various card, power supply and other covers to see
    if these switches are not the issue.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the tip. I know about the ‘interlock’ switches for the covers. I have a nice piece of aluminium bar I can wedge in the rear (CPU cover) Interlock to override it With an interlock out it doesn’t even power on. In my case it powers on but isn’t POSTing or bootstrapping, i.e. the OCP panel lights but it’s staying blank.

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