Welcome to DECtec.info!

DECtec.info is an information sharing community aimed at enthusiasts and professionals alike using and supporting hardware and software from Digital Equipment Corporation and associated vendors and products, including subsequent vendors Compaq and HP.

We currently have an e-mail mailing list up and running for people to post discussions and questions which will hopefully be the first stepping stone in establishing a vibrant community of DEC users from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts and professionals.

Mailing List

The DECtec.info Mailing List is now Live! Details are available HERE

DECtec is not associated with, controlled by or sanctioned by Hewlett-Packard or any of its subsidiaries or associates. DECtec is not associated with or part of a DECUS community, Encompass or other HP affiliated organisations or communities.

DECtec.info is also on Twitter. Follow us at: @DECtecInfo

We cannot provide membership numbers for OpenVMS Hobbyist licenses although we are happy to point you to somewhere that can on request.

All enquiries should be directed to webmaster@dectec.info

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